Apartments*** Vesna Giro Soline Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok

Dugi otok

The Dugi otok (Long island) is one of the four islands that make up the outern row of the islands of Zadar archipelago. On the island there are 11 settlements, of which Soline is situated...more


Dugi otok

Soline is a settlement in the Soliscica bay on the island of Dugi otok, which was named after the old saltworks that were in that cove.
Soline is one of the oldest settlements on Dugi otoku...more


Dugi otok

The house is located on the seafront in Soline on Dugi otok.
The facility has two category 3 *** apartments, 80m2 in size. The apartments are modernly equipped. It consists of a living room with satellite TV, wifi, kitchen with all necessary facilities...more